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This site is a hobby project of mine to help indie developers with market research and marketing. Hope you find it helpful!

How this works?

We use an algorithm that estimates steam game sales and revenue using the following methods:

  • Tracking the Steam top seller rank to estimate revenue and sales.
  • Using the number of concurrent players to estimate game's playerbase
  • An advanced version of the boxleiter method. Regression analysis based on year of release, review score, average playtimes and similar.
  • Using any publicly disclosed data of actual units sold to further adjust the estimates

See our detailed article to learn more about estimation methodology

Other data points, like country split and player data, are collected from any other public indicators

Please note that the site is still in beta, so there may be bugs and estimates may not be 100% accurate!

How accurate are the estimates?

For individual games, our tests have shown that 77% of estimates were within 30% margin of error, while 98% were within 50% error margin.

At an aggregate level, estimates were 99% accurate

See here for more info

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Smaller games have less accurate estimates than the larger ones due to smaller sample size
  • Free-to-play games generally have less accurate estimations
  • Revenue estimates do not take into account revenue from any external sources and may not properly estimate revenue from steam bundles
  • There may be bugs in our scraping or estimation algorithm, causing the estimates to be wildly off. Always sanity check any estimates

Do you provide an API?

Yes, we do! See here for some quick reference.


Estimated number of Steam users who own the game. This number may be inflated due to giveaways, bundles, free weekends etc.
Estimated number of owners who played the game at least once. This includes games bought on Steam, activated with Steam keys, bought in bundles etc.
Copies sold:
Estimated number of owners who purchased the game directly on Steam. This does not include key-activated units.
Gross revenue:
Estimated revenue before Steam cut. This takes into account discounts and regional prices. For paid games, this includes base game sales only. For free-to-play games, this takes into account all revenue sources.
Release date:
Date when the game was fully released or, if it is still in early access, date of the early access release.
Playerbase overlap:
A metric relative to the overall size of the game's player base. For example, if game A was played by 1000 players, game B was played by 2000 players, and 500 players played both games A and B, that means the two games together have a total player base of 2500 players, and 500 is 20% of 2500, which means these games have 20% 'player base overlap'.

Publisher Classes:

Hobbyist (AKA basement dwellers):
Any publisher who made less than $10k lifetime on Steam.
Publishers who made more than $10k and less than $50m lifetime on Steam.
Publishers who published at least 2 games, made more than $50m and less than $500m lifetime on Steam.
Publishers who published at least 2 games, made more than $500m lifetime on Steam and have at least $10m average revenue per game


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